Truck Advertising Case Studies

HaulinAds and RGVA have worked and continue to work with some of the leading brands.

Lincoln Coastal BID High Street Hitters

Visit Lincs Coast (Lincoln Coastal BID) are using HaulinAds High Street Hitters fleet to boost tourism in Skegness and the wider Lincolnshire costal areas.

Eight wrapped trucks working from three distribution centres making deliveries to 3939 convenience stores for up to an hour at a time in and around a 2.5 hour drive from the Lincolnshire Coast…..

Terraclean National Wraps

Cramlington based workshop consumable distributor Randstad contacted HaulinAds to run a National Brand Awareness campaign for their engine carbon, injector and DPF cleaning TerraClean technology.

National coverage is achieved using our wholesale supply chain fleet, that delivers to stores in 173 locations across mainland UK.  Working from three distribution centres, the five wrapped trucks in the campaign…..

Baby and toddler e-tailer BuggyBaby deliver online orders to UK and European mainland through parcel carriers.  the UK’s leading supplier of industrial shelving, approached HaulinAds with a challenge of achieving more brand awareness for the company amongst a difficult to reach business audience. 

BuggyBaby are a young ecommerce company…..

Frontline Bathrooms National

After the success of their previous targeted campaign Frontline Bathrooms returned to us with a request to run a national campaign for a year.  Impressed with the results it made sense to use the same fleet in the south and use the same fleets northern depot, giving both distribution centres no restrictions on where the trailers can and cannot go.

Of the 30 wraps, 5 were done in a 3D design…..

BiGDUG Brand Building

BiGDUG, the UK’s leading supplier of industrial shelving, approached HaulinAds with a challenge of achieving more brand awareness for the company amongst a difficult to reach business audience.

While they advertise heavily online and in press, they wanted to engage with decision makers at a time when they were away from the distractions of the office, and truck advertising gave them exactly that exposure to business people as they travelled between meetings…..

Slingsby Second Campaign

A year after ending their successful campaign that eventually ran for 2.5 years, HC Slingsby returned to HaulinAds to see if we could run a larger campaign for them, but this time on fifteen full wraps for an initial 1 year…..

MarathonBet PR Stunt

Panbet got in touch on a Wednesday afternoon to see if we could park a lorry outside Middlesborough’s Riverside stadium for that Saturdays big game.

The last game of the season and whoever won was getting instant promotion…..

FlueCube National Wrap

The FlueCube is an innovative and unique chimney cowl, which solves a number of problems associated with real fires such as down draft and smoke odours, while improving the efficiency of wood burning stoves, saving on fuel and reducing carbon emissions. The product has only been on the market in the UK for the last 2 years.

Most of their launch marketing had been done online via social media and pay-per-click, while they had advertised offline in the solid fuel trade magazines and to consumers in 3 country style magazines.

FlueCube needed to build their brand amongst their target market, with an objective to increase the online search volumes…..

Parrot National Flush Rears

Parrot the UK’s leading ‘in-car’ wireless provider booked HaulinAds Flush Rear format for their recent campaign.

Two alternative creatives were split equally across 100 Flush Rears to promote four of their wireless hands-free devices……

Frontline Bathrooms Targeted

Frontline Bathrooms are a Yorkshire based business that operate nationally. They tasked HaulinAds with creating a truck advertising campaign that would complement the launch of their free catalogue, raising awareness and stimulating demand around this key time for the business.

The South East is a geographic region that had previously been prohibitively expensive…..

Express Grass

South East based ExpressGrass wanted to build their brand across the South of England, particularly around the M25 motorway.

HC Slingsby

HC Slingsby is a leading provider of workplace equipment, selling products through mail order and the internet. Fulfilment and distribution of orders is via a mixture of company vans and parcel carrier networks, which offers little visibility to the general public.

Wrapping the Slingsby branding around 10 trailers of our fleet gave the perception that their own fleet is in operation…..


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