Flue Cube Case Study

The FlueCube is an innovative and unique chimney cowl, which solves a number of problems associated with real fires such as down draft and smoke odours, while improving the efficiency of wood burning stoves, saving on fuel and reducing carbon emissions. The product has only been on the market in the UK for the last 2 years.

Most of their launch marketing had been done online via social media and pay-per-click, while they had advertised offline in the solid fuel trade magazines and to consumers in 3 country style magazines.

FlueCube needed to build their brand amongst their target market, with an objective to increase the online search volumes for FlueCube. The key to this was building awareness amongst wood burning stove owners, who typically live in non-urban areas, and are likely to be ABC1 demographic with an older age profile.

HaulinAds and RGVA designed and branded a working truck for FlueCube, generating a public perception that the product is in the truck creating an image of ubiquity, popularity and scale due to the size of vehicles, showing that the product is being delivered all over country so it must be popular. It also gave FlueCube additional content for their social media activity.

According to Oxford Retail Consultants (ORC) STRADA data, the truck campaign achieved a cover 302,271 with a frequency of 2.06 and an OTS of 622,376 every 4 weeks. The demographic data on the audience reached showed that the campaigned a high proportion of 25-64 year olds, with a higher managerial and professional occupations.

Results within just the first 4 weeks of the campaign saw direct search for the FlueCube brand online increase by 31%, and an overall increase in sales 25%. This was all without changing any other marketing activity, and therefore directly attributable to the truck advertising campaign.

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