High Impact Long Dwell Time

Flush Rears

Perfect for launching a new product or service

A flush rear uses the entire back doors of a truck. As drivers know too well, you can often spend long periods of time sat behind one in traffic jams, road works etc. Even without these regular occurrences a flush rear is hard to miss by anyone’s standards.

Truck rear advertising gives your brand the opportunity to engage with drivers and passengers while they have time to read and absorb your messages. What’s more, ads are situated in their direct eyeline so offer a high level of cut-through.

With 34 million licensed vehicles in the UK, this is a powerful format to talk to the lucrative motoring audience.

How many times have you been sat behind one of these?

Dwell Time
An average dwell time of 48 seconds ensures the audience has longer to absorb advertising messages thus ensuring your brand is front of mind.
Flush Rears are excellent at targeting heavy motorway traffic users such as commuters, business travellers and families through leisure travel.
Rear campaigns are hard to miss on any journey your target audience may take, and with little other visible media around on many roads it offers high cut-through.
This advertising often reaches motorists when they are looking for entertainment (i.e. when sat in traffic) and therefore in the right mood to read and absorb your messages.



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