Truck Advertising Formats (overview)

A range of formats to drive impact to your campaign.

HaulinAds offer a range of advertising formats; each can carry the same livery or be individual.  Our application systems mean we can update or change the campaign message within an hour (per vehicle).  This is fantastic for campaigns that have a deadline or a countdown to product launch or event.

Flush Rears

How many times have you been sat behind one of these?


Truck rear advertising is a cost effective way to build national coverage. This media stands out in an uncluttered advertising environment. It offers a high dwell time, and therefore an excellent opportunity for cut-through of your brand messages.  Why not choose to print your artwork on reflective material allowing your creative to stand out in the darkest of nights?

Flush Rears

Truck Sides


Equivalent in size to 48 and 96 sheet billboards, the vast dimensions of truck side advertising demand attention for your creative whatever the environment and allowing your message to move driving your campaign too millions of hard to reach people.



Combine both truck sides with a rear to create a wrap for unrivalled impact on the roads. With pedestrians and motorists able to see the advertising from a range of angles, it ensures your brand reaches as many people as possible, giving the impression that the advertiser’s owns the fleet. Creating brand scale and impact.

Full Wraps

All the above formats use high definition print, on recyclable materials.  HaulinAds arrange the printing, application, removal and maintain your creative throughout.  This keeps your campaign looking as good at the end as it did on the day of launch.