Full Wraps

The biggest stand out on the road
Full Wraps
Reach both a pedestrian and a mobile audience

Key Facts:

Combine both truck sides with a flush rear to create a wrap for maximum impact. No other transport media can compare when delivering visual impact and giving an advertiser value for money.

A wrap is also ideal for creating the impression that the advertisers own fleet is in operation.

Key Benefits:

  • Brand stature – The biggest media canvas on the road; enabling your brand to stand out on the move above any other.
  • Year round visibility – for a fraction of the cost of a TV campaign, you could ensure your brand is constantly on the move and visible to a national audience. Great for brands and sales promotion messages.
  • Creativity – Utilise some of the new printing opportunities to bring to life your brand, such as a 3D effect!
  • Coverage – the sheer impact of this medium means fewer trucks are needed to achieve cut-through with both a motorist and pedestrian audience.

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