Making Billboards Mobile
Truck Sides
Move your message for maximum exposure

Key Facts:

Truck sides demand attention due to their stature. Equivalent to 96 and 48 sheet billboards, a truck side enables brands to communicate clearly to a large audience in an uncluttered environment.

Key benefits:


  • Flexibility – with the ability to change creative within an hour (per vehicle), lorry sides offer brands the opportunity to be timely with their messages.
  • Impact – The impressive size of these ads makes them ideal for campaigns seeking brand awareness and stature, such as new product launches and sales promotion opportunities.
  • Audience – Truck sides are excellent at targeting heavy motorway traffic users such as commuters, business travellers and families through leisure travel.
  • Reach – the mobile nature of the media means your ad reaches a new audience every day unlike traditional static sites. Plus it can also travel into areas where static sites are not prevalent, thus maximising the potential number of people who will see it.
  • Value – The cost of a typical lorry side campaign is cheaper than the equivalent 96 or 48 sheet static poster campaign. Factor in the mobile nature of truck advertising, thus the extended audience reach, and it’s an even more compelling media route.

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