HaulinAds offer a flexible approach to building your advertising campaign; whether it’s
the number of vehicles, choice of format, duration of campaign, or indeed targeting
specific geographical locations.

National Campaigns:

Coverage:     All UK TV areas
Formats:        6 Sheets / Flush Rears / Sides / Wraps

If you’re looking at reaching an audience of millions, the UK’s motorway and major road network are some of the most densely populated highways in the world. In 2010 the network accounted for 68% of the 313.2 billion vehicle miles travelled, yet accounted for only 12.8% of the UK’s roads. (source: DfT).

Millions of people use the network every day for commuting, or traveling for business or leisure. Two thirds of the population live outside the major conurbations (source ONS) and it is not easy to reaching these people through traditional billboards or commercial radio.

Media-free environment: Billboard companies are forbidden to build poster sites on our major roads, so apart from a few shabby signs seen in fields, which do not portray a good brand image, there is nothing for the motorist to see. Most trucks are bland so when there is a compelling image on a truck it immediately stands out. There are very few other places with such a huge audience that are clutter-free from other advertising.

National Truck Media Facts

  • On the road 7 days a week
  • Covering approximately 2,000 miles a week
  • Travel most motorways and principal routes
  • Distributing goods to and from ports, distribution centres, high street stores, manufacturing sites etc

Regional / Local

Coverage:     Targeted and Specific Conurbations
Formats:        Sides / Wraps

Truck advertising has never been so well targeted. Our regional fleet is located at 172 stores throughout the UK, which enables advertising to be targeted to regional areas and specific conurbations. The high definition banners reach a wide audience and are a great way to increase brand awareness, influence pedestrians or even generate engagement.

Our regional fleet can be used to create highly targeted campaigns to build brand awareness with a particular audience.

Regional Truck Media Facts

  • On the road 7 days a week
  • Delivers to thousands of businesses throughout the UK including high street stores, pubs, restaurants, bingo halls, and bowling lanes
  • Some stores receive multiple deliveries per day
  • Most deliveries take place between 7am-9pm
  • Hitting high streets, town and city centres, retail and business parks, airports and train stations.
  • Each truck averages 1,000 miles a week