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As with any marketing, the key to truck advertising is getting the right message to the right audience, in order to meet your business objectives.

We work with clients using a data-driven approach to plan and execute an extremely targeted marketing plan that will result in a powerful, measurable and predictable consumer response. We take the route data of our fleets, on a national, regional, local and store level, and match it up with clients’ key target audience, with the ability to dig further into any of the 300 specific social groups that can be extracted from the data.

The data for our audience estimates are taken from the “STRADA”, which uses a proven methodologies and the latest technology to calculate how many opportunities to see (OTS) each advertising message has. This allows us to provide valuable insights so clients can react to opportunities and achieve great results from truck advertising, with a return on investment (ROI) that compares very favourably against traditional media.

Truck media is always on the move, so we provide clients with a continuous evaluation of campaign performance and audience reaction, allowing them to execute relevant communications, tie in with social media or local marketing campaign and meet key objectives. We are experts in the field, so can advise on campaign content and creative to help you get the best out of this relatively low-cost marketing channel.

Of course, there will always be a debate over whether traditional billboard advertising or truck advertising gets the best response per opportunity to see. However, wouldn’t you rather have your advert seen by 100 people once than one person see it a hundred times?