About Us

HaulinAds was founded in 2006 by Richard Cox. With a background in logistics, Richard has seen his customers spend thousands on advertising that failed to make an impact, while their vehicles were obviously going underutilised. It was clear these trucks were an asset that would be ideal for delivering an advertising message that would be seen by millions of potential customers every day, and today HaulinAds has now grown to work with fleets throughout the UK.

truckIn 2009, HaulinAds became part of RGVA (one of the UK’s leading vehicle branding companies), together they form a group of companies with unrivalled knowledge and experience in vehicle media communication and graphics.

2010 saw Ashley Martin join the group, bringing his extensive knowledge of OOH transport media. Ashley has an understanding of what really works when reaching people on the move, having worked in Rail, Underground, Service Stations, Roadside and Truck advertising with some of the biggest brands in the UK.

The HaulinAds team, in conjunction with RGVA, has unrivalled knowledge of transport media and production, handling campaigns involving every conceivable kind of transport advertising across 15 countries.

We are proud to consult with some of the UK’s biggest brands, to help them make the most own their owned truck media, whilst working closely with the UK’s largest national wholesale suppliers and leading haulage and logistics companies. This enables us to ensure that our coverage is unsurpassed for 3rd party truck advertising.