Slingsby Case Study

Key Facts:

Client:           HC Slingsby
Format:         Full Wrap
Quantity:       10
Duration:       130 Weeks

HC Slingsby is a leading provider of workplace equipment, selling products through mail order and the internet. Fulfilment and distribution of orders is via a mixture of company vans and parcel carrier networks, which offers little visibility to the general public.

Wrapping the Slingsby branding around 10 trailers of our fleet gave the perception that their own fleet is in operation, with huge volumes of goods in transit.

The wraps were produced using high definition print on medium term vinyl and finished with lacquer to protect from regular cleaning and ultra violet rays. This give flexibility to the client, and means that the campaign can be extended for up to 3 years without incurring further production costs.


Full Wrap Truck Advertising Slingsby