Shell Deli2go Case Study

Key Facts:

Client:           Shell deli2go
Format:         6 Sheet
Quantity:       25
Duration:       4 Weeks

HaulinAds were tasked to create a campaign that would achieve high brand awareness for deli2go and drive motorists into Shell Service Stations nationwide to increase overall sales.

After consultation with the client the 6 sheet truck rears  was identified as the most cost-effective format for the campaign.  Utilising this format over the flush rear meant that deli2go would get more volume for their money, whilst retaining the long dwell time that a truck rear offers. Executing the campaign nationally would ensure that the creative would spend the majority of the time on Great Britain’s major road and motorway network, driving opportunity to see, rather than being seen more frequently by few people.

 Sheet Motorway Advertising

The campaign was split between two depot locations in Birmingham & Manchester as deli2go have a high concentration of outlets in and around these major cities. The strategy also included also using a vehicle from each location that only delivers and collects in the Manchester and Birmingham postcodes to increase frequency in these areas where the adverts were most likely to drive sales.