Sheet Motorway Advertising

Client: Shell deli2go
Format: 6 Sheet
Quantity: 25
Duration: 4 Weeks

Reach hungry motorists was the brief.  With a small budget, our motorway 6 sheet truck rears fitted the bill.
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Fluecube Full Wrap with Traxx Frame & lacquered banners

Client: Flue Cube
Format: Full Wraps
Quantity: 1
Duration: 52 Weeks

Flue Cube want to reach a national audience and build brand stature. Lorry Advertising fitted the brief, so we took their branding and created a very eye catching creative and applied it to one of our trucks.  Flue Cube have seen impressive results in the first 4 weeks.
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Case Study – BiGDUG

BiGDUG Full Wrap

Client: BiGDUG
Format: Full Wraps
Quantity: 30
Duration: 104 Weeks

UK’s biggest industrial shelving company utilised our fleet to gain brand exposure to a difficult to reach business audience, using a medium that suits their “BiG” image.
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Frontline Bathrooms Truck Advertising Thumbnail

Client: Frontline Bathrooms
Format: Full Wraps
Quantity: 30
Duration: 20 Weeks

As a Yorkshire-based national company, Frontline used HaulinAds’ fleet in the South East to target a region that had otherwise been prohibitively expensive, creating an impression that they were delivering bathrooms all over the region.
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Client: Slingsby
Format: Full Wraps
Quantity: 10
Duration: 130 Weeks

As a seller of workplace equipment, Slingsby rely on a distribution network of vans and parcel delivery companies, but by wrapping 10 of HaulinAds’ fleet we were able to create much more visibility for the brand and an impression of scale.
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Client: Mat Hand (Artist)
Format: Sides
Quantity: 4
Duration: 12 Weeks

takemewithyou thumbnail

Artist Mat Hand asked HaulinAds to provide the expertise needed to turn a fleet of articulated trucks into giant, mobile art installations for his ground-breaking art project entitled ‘Take Me With You’.
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Client: Parrot UK
Format: Flush Rears
Quantity: 100
Duration: 12 Weeks, extended to 16 weeks

Parrot Motorway Flush Rear Lorry Advertising
Parrot the UK’s leading ‘in-car’ wireless provider booked HaulinAds Flush Rear format for their campaign. Two creative split equally across 100 Flush Rears promoted four of their wireless hands free devices.  Initially booked for a 12 week period, Parrot extended the campaign to 16 weeks.
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Campaigns are built around your requirements. Coverage may be best achieved with one format or a mixture of formats over a number of fleets.


Flush rear advertising offers long dwell times with high cut-through ensuring your brand is front of mind.

Flush Rears

Used stand alone or to complement activity in service stations, forecourts or at the roadside. HaulinAds 6 sheets are in direct view of millions of road users.

6 Sheets