Truck Advertising

Any business owner knows that advertising costs can mount up incredibly quickly and getting the maximum Return on Investment (ROI) is key! None of us wants to spend precious man hours setting up expensive campaigns if there’s a more cost- and time- efficient way to engage new customers and generate leads, now do we?

The great news is that HaulinAds’ truck advertising will boost your brand exposure by engaging motorists and pedestrians alike, in the areas your business needs to target.

Truck advertising is good for your brand!

What would make a billboard even better? If it moved, right? Well, that’s basically what truck advertising is – mobile billboards. So many companies focus on the standard advertising channels, but they are missing out on an opportunity to increase their brand exposure by making the decision to engage people on their daily commute.

Truck advertising takes your brand to your customers

A 2016 survey showed that the average commute time in the UK has risen to a staggering 2 hours, which puts a significant percentage of commuters on the roads for a pretty substantial chunk of their day.

The simple fact is that, as a nation, we spend a lot of time in our cars. Companies are only now catching on to this trend and are tapping into a captive audience – road users. You can bring a little sunshine to people’s dreary commutes with clever truck advertising that will imprint, consciously or subconsciously, on their minds.

The good news for companies looking to make the most of every advertising opportunity is that commuters are primed and ready to be marketed to as they battle the rush hour. The great news is that truck advertising is a largely untapped medium!

Truck advertising keeps on goin’

As a road user, we’re sure that you’ve noticed some really creative advertising on trucks as they thunder past you. If you have, then those brands have done their truck advertising right! There are also some not so great examples of truck advertising on our great nation’s roads, but we won’t dwell on those as the HaulinAds Team is here to help you create flush rearssides or full wrap truck advertising that will engage and convert those road users.

You can Increase your brand exposure in places that traditional outdoor advertising just cannot reach, by showcasing your brand with truck advertising. HaulinAds offers local, national and targeting solutions, so give us a call on 020 8798 0893 or email us at for a complimentary consultation.

Advertising, Effective brand exposure

Getting truck advertising right is so easy when you have know-how on your side! The sad fact is though that there are so many examples of poor branding and messaging on our roads. That’s why the HaulinAds Team has decided to write a few posts on how companies like yours can get the most out of their outdoor advertising spends and exponentially increase brand reachthrough well-thought-out truck advertising design.

How truck advertising increases brand reach

In the age of digital media and advertising, we often forget that creating outdoor advertising assets such as billboards and truck advertising (flush rears/ sides/ full wraps) has always been an art that demanded years of study.

Static billboards have been around since the 1800s, but times have really changed since then! The advent of technology and the ability to take advertising directly to consumers through truck advertising means that brands can increase brand exposure like never before.

What hasn’t changed in outdoor advertising is the need to create high-impact designs that will stick in people’s minds.

What makes a truck advertising design standout?

Any type of outdoor advertising should be designed to create an immediate impact. Whether you are advertising on a billboard/ hoarding or using truck advertising to boost brand exposure, you only have a few seconds to make an impression as motorists speed by.

So, if you’ve decided to increase your brand reach through truck advertising, take a look at our useful branding tips that will make sure your truck wraps get you maximum Return on Investment (ROI):

Do you have a strong brand identity?

Before you even think about spending money on truck advertising, take a step back and assess your branding. Inconsistent brand identity and lacklustre logos are overriding causes of failed truck advertising attempts. Get them right and you are on the road to customer engagement and brand recognition. Get them wrong and you are on a wild goose chase. We know which road we would choose!

Your brand identity is a message from you to your potential customers, so make sure your truck advertising wraps breathe your brand.

Control the copy!

When it comes to the copy or content on your truck advertising design, less is more! People only have a few seconds to absorb your message as they whiz by, so keep your copy strong, but no so long.

To engage potential customers, all you need is solid branding (see brand identity above), a great tagline, your website address and a phone number. That’s it! Make it memorable and you are on the right track.

Be the black sheep!

There are so many trucks on UK roads, so what can you do to make your truck advertising stand out? The answer is to limit all that visual noise.

You’ll see trucks that are plastered with over-complicated, busy designs …. You don’t need that. Keep your design clean, choose a simple yet vibrant colour palette, make sure that what your company does is as clear as day and give people a way to contact you. Simple.

Get truck advertising

For more information about how you can get your brand on the road, call the HaulinAds team today on 020 8798 0893 or email us at for a complimentary consultation.


Sheet Motorway Advertising

Client: Shell deli2go
Format: 6 Sheet
Quantity: 25
Duration: 4 Weeks

Reach hungry motorists was the brief.  With a small budget, our motorway 6 sheet truck rears fitted the bill.
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Fluecube Full Wrap with Traxx Frame & lacquered banners

Client: Flue Cube
Format: Full Wraps
Quantity: 1
Duration: 52 Weeks

Flue Cube want to reach a national audience and build brand stature. Lorry Advertising fitted the brief, so we took their branding and created a very eye catching creative and applied it to one of our trucks.  Flue Cube have seen impressive results in the first 4 weeks.
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Case Study – BiGDUG

BiGDUG Full Wrap

Client: BiGDUG
Format: Full Wraps
Quantity: 30
Duration: 104 Weeks

UK’s biggest industrial shelving company utilised our fleet to gain brand exposure to a difficult to reach business audience, using a medium that suits their “BiG” image.
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Frontline Bathrooms Truck Advertising Thumbnail

Client: Frontline Bathrooms
Format: Full Wraps
Quantity: 30
Duration: 20 Weeks

As a Yorkshire-based national company, Frontline used HaulinAds’ fleet in the South East to target a region that had otherwise been prohibitively expensive, creating an impression that they were delivering bathrooms all over the region.
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Client: Slingsby
Format: Full Wraps
Quantity: 10
Duration: 130 Weeks

As a seller of workplace equipment, Slingsby rely on a distribution network of vans and parcel delivery companies, but by wrapping 10 of HaulinAds’ fleet we were able to create much more visibility for the brand and an impression of scale.
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Client: Mat Hand (Artist)
Format: Sides
Quantity: 4
Duration: 12 Weeks

takemewithyou thumbnail

Artist Mat Hand asked HaulinAds to provide the expertise needed to turn a fleet of articulated trucks into giant, mobile art installations for his ground-breaking art project entitled ‘Take Me With You’.
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Client: Parrot UK
Format: Flush Rears
Quantity: 100
Duration: 12 Weeks, extended to 16 weeks

Parrot Motorway Flush Rear Lorry Advertising
Parrot the UK’s leading ‘in-car’ wireless provider booked HaulinAds Flush Rear format for their campaign. Two creative split equally across 100 Flush Rears promoted four of their wireless hands free devices.  Initially booked for a 12 week period, Parrot extended the campaign to 16 weeks.
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Campaigns are built around your requirements. Coverage may be best achieved with one format or a mixture of formats over a number of fleets.