Let Our Trucks Do The Advertising

Truck Advertising

Any business owner knows that advertising costs can mount up incredibly quickly and getting the maximum Return on Investment (ROI) is key! None of us wants to spend precious man hours setting up expensive campaigns if there’s a more cost- and time- efficient way to engage new customers and generate leads, now do we?

The great news is that HaulinAds’ truck advertising will boost your brand exposure by engaging motorists and pedestrians alike, in the areas your business needs to target.

Truck advertising is good for your brand!

What would make a billboard even better? If it moved, right? Well, that’s basically what truck advertising is – mobile billboards. So many companies focus on the standard advertising channels, but they are missing out on an opportunity to increase their brand exposure by making the decision to engage people on their daily commute.

Truck advertising takes your brand to your customers

A 2016 survey showed that the average commute time in the UK has risen to a staggering 2 hours, which puts a significant percentage of commuters on the roads for a pretty substantial chunk of their day.

The simple fact is that, as a nation, we spend a lot of time in our cars. Companies are only now catching on to this trend and are tapping into a captive audience – road users. You can bring a little sunshine to people’s dreary commutes with clever truck advertising that will imprint, consciously or subconsciously, on their minds.

The good news for companies looking to make the most of every advertising opportunity is that commuters are primed and ready to be marketed to as they battle the rush hour. The great news is that truck advertising is a largely untapped medium!

Truck advertising keeps on goin’

As a road user, we’re sure that you’ve noticed some really creative advertising on trucks as they thunder past you. If you have, then those brands have done their truck advertising right! There are also some not so great examples of truck advertising on our great nation’s roads, but we won’t dwell on those as the HaulinAds Team is here to help you create flush rearssides or full wrap truck advertising that will engage and convert those road users.

You can Increase your brand exposure in places that traditional outdoor advertising just cannot reach, by showcasing your brand with truck advertising. HaulinAds offers local, national and targeting solutions, so give us a call on 020 8798 0893 or email us at info@haulinads.co.uk for a complimentary consultation.