6 sheets

Exclusive from HaulinAds
6 Sheets
Enabling an established medium to extend its reach

Key Facts:

6sheets_cutoutAdvertisers have been targeting motorists with service station and roadside 6 sheet posters for years. However, this advertising requires motorists to take a journey break to see it or offers little dwell time.

HaulinAds are the only Truck Media company to take the 6 sheet on the road; offering both a totally new advertising opportunity as well as the chance to extend the reach of your creative from an established medium.

Key Benefits:

  • Extended coverage – Using truck 6 sheets offers a simple extension to all motorway and journey based 6 sheet campaigns, thus providing a cost-effective way to increase audience reach.
  • Cost effective – The bulk of the cost in outdoor advertising production is in the artwork. The benefit of our truck 6 sheet advertising is that it simply requires an extension of the print run.
  • Dwell time – The dwell time for a vehicle behind a lorry is 48 seconds, compared to a static roadside 6 sheet which has just 5 seconds to create an impact and deliver a message.

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